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The best things about living in Romania

We love Romania. Home to stunning scenery and wonderful wilderness, the Southeastern European country is one of our biggest markets. In fact, Romanians are our most loyal customers, sending money at least twice a month on average. Now that’s generous.

Recently, we uncovered our favourite fun facts about Romania and today, we’re focussing on the best things about residing there.

Here are some of the highlights of living in Romania.

It’s cheap to live there

Romania is one of the cheapest places to live in the EU. Even in its capital Bucharest (the country’s most expensive city), you can generally rent somewhere quite comfortable in the city centre for as little as 400 Euros a month. According to the cost of living comparison site Numbeo, the average rent in Bucharest is 80% lower than in London, while general consumer prices are 53% less.

As many people know, general wages are notoriously low in Romania hence why almost 10 million Romanians choose to live abroad. But if you’re a successful freelancer or work for an international company, you can live extremely comfortably while living in Romania.

The WiFi is excellent

Speaking of working, the WiFi in Romania will not disappoint. In fact, Romania has the cheapest super-fast broadband internet in the world. For as little as 8 Euros a month, you can access download speeds of 1 Gbps (that’s extremely fast!). 

Whether you’re looking for reliable internet on mobile or cable, you won’t be let down. So if you are a freelancer that relies on the internet to work, living in Romania is a smart move indeed. 

The language is easy to learn 

Okay, okay. Learning a new language can be tricky, but if you’re a native English speaker, Romanian is relatively easy to get the hang of. The US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ranked Romanian a Category I language, making it one of the easiest languages to learn. 

On average, you can expect to be fluent in Romanian after 580 hours or 23 weeks of study. Throw in some self-study time and natural immersion and you may be able to achieve fluency even faster. With 26 million Romanian speakers worldwide, this opens up a wealth of conversation opportunities.

The food and drink are delicious

Romania’s traditional cuisine is delicious. One of its most famous dishes is ‘sarmale’ (stuffed cabbage rolls), while hearty beef stews and comforting chicken soups are also popular. And if you’re in the mood for something else, fret not. Romania offers a wide range of international restaurants—from Italian to Indian—so there’ll always be something to tickle your fancy.

As for drinks, Romanian wine is both cheap and delicious. With a history of winemaking dating back 10,000 years, Romania also makes it easy to stock up and indulge. You’ll be able to grab a bottle in every convenience store in the country, and most of them are open late. In fact, Romania is a bit of a night owl. Most restaurants stay open until the early hours of the morning and clubs generally don’t close until the last person leaves. Good going, Romania!


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