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The intangible benefits of working at TransferGo

When it comes to employee perks, every company tries to set up a benefits package that best represents their company culture. Mostly the list consists of more tangible elements such as a training budget, health insurance, office equipment, snacks or even ‘workations’. Working at TransferGo offers all of this and more.

But while these perks are important, there’s so much more that employees need and desire. And this is where our intangible benefits come in. Here at TransferGo we seek to create an environment that empowers people to reach their full potential. And here’s how we do it…

Getting the work-life balance right

For quite a lot of people working in a start-up means having to work long hours to achieve certain goals. We quite often receive a question from candidates about the amount of extra hours they should expect to work on top of their work schedule. And it really surprises us! Why? As a company we’re looking to maintain a good work-life balance for all our employees—and if someone needs to do overtime, the responsibility lies with us. It generally means that we probably need to hire more people.

Overtime therefore happens very rarely and only in the case of unpredicted ad-hoc situations. This allows our people to disconnect from working at TransferGo and leave things for another day. We also give people the ability to choose the way they work with a flexible remote working policy.

Unlimited holidays also help—we encourage people to take time off not just when they want to, but when we feel that they need to. Rest is important and it helps us to rewind and recharge after more intense projects. 

A few months back, we started using the OpenBlend application to give our employees and their managers better organised feedback sessions. And in OpenBlend one of the key things that needs to be discussed is the work-life balance. This also helps managers to make sure their team members aren’t overdoing it.

Experimenting and pushing new ideas

We try to plan our activities as much as we can. However, working in a fast-paced growing start-up environment sometimes breaks the pattern since things change daily. That’s why we ask our employees to share their ideas and experiment a little. We believe that this way of working is exactly what helps us to scale our product. 

Setting yearly OKRs early on helps us to have a goal that we as a company are reaching for—but the means of how we do it is completely in our team’s hands. We’re never sure that it’ll work, but we’ll never know unless we try.

Ability to fail

People generally feel that they’re not allowed to make mistakes—they’re punished for it in some way or another. For us it’s the complete opposite. We encourage people to experiment and even fail when doing it.

The most important part of the failure process is to identify the failure, find ways on how to improve and move on to another big thing. There’s a famous saying: ‘fail again to fail better’. And this is something that we apply in practice. 

Why is all this important?

Giving people the power and ability to influence the stuff that we do helps the company grow and surpass its goals. From a personal point of view, it gives employees a sense of purpose and helps them to grow personally and professionally. And the impact of it is extreme. 

So even though tangible benefits are important, there’s so much more that working at TransferGo offers. Essentially, it creates a stimulating and dynamic environment. People are less afraid to step out of their comfort zones and become a part of something bigger. And we can’t wait to see what the future brings as a result of this.


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