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The key things you need to know to protect yourself from fraud

Online money transfers are an amazing way to get money where it needs to go. But like anything popular, it attracts scammers.

Here are a few simple steps to help you keep your money safe online and protect yourself from fraud.


Treat your details as deeply private possessions, and only share them with people you know you can trust.

Don’t share your card number along with the CVV (the security code on the back) with strangers, and never share your TransferGo account login details with anyone.


Your digital world needs to be as secure as your home. Keep the software on your own computer up to date, and use proper antivirus and/or anti-malware software.

If you’re using a public computer, never save your details and make sure you always log out.

And never, ever click on any suspicious links. Scammers are very good at posing as legitimate characters. But your banks or digital service providers will not demand that you click on links without first being logged in to your platform. 

Knowing the signs

Scams may look very different, but they often depend on similar tricks. Be careful of anyone who:

  • Asks you to move your money to a different account
  • Tries to rush or panic you into sending money
  • Asks you to take action ‘because your money is in danger’
  • Requests that you tell them how much money you have in your account
  • Asks you to tell them any of your passcodes, passwords, PIN numbers, card details or personal information

Stop, challenge, protect

One campaign in the UK has asked people to:

  • Stop to think carefully before parting with their money
  • Challenge anyone who asks them to make a payment—legitimate companies won’t mind taking the time to prove they are who they say they are
  • Protect yourself from fraud by acting fast if you think you’ve been a victim—contact us or your bank straight away

It’s good advice.

Rest assured—we’re constantly monitoring our security and on the lookout for fraud. So you can keep making secure transfers to the people you love.

For more advice on staying safe online, check out our ‘How to protect yourself from fraud’ page.


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