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TransferGo: identifying our values and behaviours

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reflecting on our business model—and ultimately our values and behaviours. Why? We believe that outlining our company principles will help propel our business forward in the right direction, while helping to shape a healthy work culture and keep every one of our employees on the same page.

So what did we learn? What did we discover? And what are the next steps?

Well, it all started with our incredible talent and people teams. They invited our culture ambassadors from different departments to work together to outline TransferGo’s positive traits. We also agreed on the direction we’d like to take these values in, and other ethics we aspire to employ.

Values and behaviours

Together, we worked to identify the values that we want to live by. These include doing the work that matters, building trust, collaborating, being our best and owning it.

But values alone are still open to interpretation. So, we went a step further and put together tangible behaviours linked to each value. Our identified values and behaviours are:

Value: Doing the work that matters

  • Finding new and better ways to do what you do.
  • Seeing no limits, aiming big and moving the needle.
  • Prioritising and focussing on what will make a difference for our customers.
  • Delivering and getting things done at pace, and with agility and motivation.

Value: Building trust

  • Being approachable, open and honest, yet tactful.
  • Collaborating effectively and transparently for the good of the company.
  • Actively seeking out different points of view to make better decisions.
  • Going above and beyond to help our colleagues to succeed.

Value: Collaborating

  • Succeeding as a company, then as a team, then as an individual.
  • Being able to disagree and still commit.
  • Proactively sharing information, knowledge and experience with the aim of helping others.
  • Having fun and enjoying the journey.

Value: Being our best

  • Leading by example.
  • Shaping TransferGo and being responsible for our success.
  • Seeing a challenge as a chance to grow and develop.
  • Thinking like an owner and making decisions in the best interest of the company.

Value: Owning it 

  • Earning the autonomy to take ownership, make decisions and act accordingly.
  • Being unafraid to take calculated risks, because we’re testing, learning and improving.
  • Acting responsible for the success of the company.
  • Admitting to, and learning from, our mistakes (and quickly).

Embedding our values and behaviours

Over time, we’ll be working together to embed these values by adopting the following methods on a company-wide level: 

Learning and understanding

We’ll go above and beyond to understand what our values and behaviours mean to the CEO and leadership teams. From there, we’ll be working out and guiding each other to incorporate these values into our daily roles.

Rewarding and celebrating

We’ll be making an active effort to recognise and reward our employees living these values. This will be done by creating a ‘culture of kudos’, where employees say thank you and recognise successes via bob. In addition, we’ll be awarding ’employee of the month’ prizes.

Living and measuring

Finally, we’ll be living and measuring business values. We’ll be applying these to all processes including recruitment, onboarding, feedback, evaluation, promotions and remuneration.

So there we have it. Our values and behaviours. We can’t wait to see the effects and results over time, and we’ll be keeping you updated on our progress too. Keep an eye out for our TransferGo LinkedIn page, where we regular share our business insights and updates.


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