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7 best travel tips for travelling with children

Travel has been somewhat restricted for many of us over the last couple of years. But now that Covid-19 restrictions have eased, many of us are getting back out into the world.

If you’re planning a family holiday and your confidence and knowledge are a little rusty, read on.

Here are the 7 best travel tips for travelling with children.

Give yourself plenty of time

Gone are the carefree days of strolling into the airport 90 minutes before your flight. If you’re travelling with children, you must give yourself plenty of time for everything. Things take so much longer with kids in tow so double your estimations of how long things will take. This includes boarding, eating, walking into town and… pretty much anything else we can think of.

Plan your holiday wisely

It’s a good idea to book your holiday well in advance to make use of special travel deals and for simple peace of mind. This will give you plenty of time to make sure your passports are valid and that you have everything you need to pack for your trip. If you’re taking a flight, we recommend avoiding super-early or late travel times. Travelling with children who are overtired is not fun.

Consider self-catering

If you’re travelling with children who are especially young then it’s definitely worth considering accommodation with a kitchen. Having access to a fridge, microwave and stove will save you a meltdown if your kids wake up early feeling hungry. It may cost you more but actually, it could end up paying for itself. Meals in the room are much cheaper than meals in a restaurant. 

Bring snacks and bottles

Packing healthy snacks can work wonders on a flight. They’ll stop your kids from getting hangry, provide a welcome distraction and help you break up your journey. A reusable water bottle is also a must. Particularly if it’s a non-spill design. It’ll save you the hassle of having to wait for the airplane drinks trolley to come round and it’s also much better for the environment.

Pack as little as possible

While kids do require a surprising amount of luggage, it’s so easy to overpack. And what a waste. Stick to the rule of not packing more bags than hands (so that’s a maximum of two bags per person). If you get to your destination and find out you’re missing something, you can always buy it there. Concentrate on packing the essentials and the rest will take care of itself.

Talk your children through the trip

Whisking your children on holiday without telling them what’s actually happening can be very confusing for them. Before you go, talk them through the trip and how you’ll get there and what you’ll do. This will help them to relax and make them feel more comfortable, which can help to improve their behaviour. It’ll also stop them from asking questions every two minutes.

Prepare for worst-case scenarios

It’s not a nice thought but kids can easily wander off on holiday. Keep them in sight at all times and slip a note with your contact information into their pocket or shoe in case the worst-case scenario was to happen. It’s also a good idea to pack any over-the-counter medicines in case of things like headaches, upset stomachs or allergic reactions.

And it goes without saying to ALWAYS check the latest Covid-19 travel rules and guidelines.

Be safe, plan ahead and have fun!


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