Invite friends, earn 12

Tell your friends about TransferGo. When they sign up and send money, you all get rewards!

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How do I invite my friends?

4 simple steps to a lifetime of rewards

  • Tell

    Tell your friends about TransferGo — about our low fees, fast transfers and easy-to-use app.

  • Find

    Find your invite code. It's in the 'Invite' section of your account, both on web and in the app.

  • Share

    Share your invite code by text, WhatsApp or social media. They’ll need to copy it.

  • Help

    Help your friends to sign up and make their first transfer. You’ll both get a reward!

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Reward yourself and help out your friends!

Invite as many friends as you want! You’ll get unlimited 12 rewards each time a friend signs up with your invite code and sends 60 between 2 different currencies in their first 6 months.

Their success is your biggest reward.

Send your invite code by text, WhatsApp or social media. Tell friends about our fast and easy transfers, and show them how to get started. If they sign up with your code, you’ll both get a 12 reward.

Click and collect — it’s that easy.

Your reward is automatically added to your TransferGo account, but you need to collect it yourself.

Click ‘COLLECT MY REWARD!’ in the ‘Invite’ section of your account and fill in the details.

Once collected, your reward will be transferred to your bank account within 5 working days.

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Invite friends on the TransferGo app!

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Invite friends on the TransferGo app!

Easy money transfers, now even easier.

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