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British pound sterling to Euro

1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
1 GBP1.13030 EUR
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Exchange rate

Euro to British pound sterling

1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP
1 EUR1.13030 GBP

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Pound to Euro exchange rate today?

Exchange rates change all the time. At TransferGo we always try to offer the best rates, and we let you know when the rates are especially good.

Is today a good day to buy Euros with Pounds?

There are always fluctuations in exchange rates. Whether today is a good day to buy Euros with British pounds depends on many factors including economic indicators and market dynamics. When you use TransferGo, you can rest assured that we’ll always try to offer the best GBP to EUR exchange rate.

What’s the highest Pound to Euro rate ever?

According to historical data, the highest Pound-to-Euro (GBP to EUR) exchange rate recorded was approximately 2.88 EUR per GBP on July 28, 2000—a significant difference from the usual Pound-to-Euro (GBP) exchange rate we’re used to in recent years.

Will the Euro get stronger in 2024?

It’s difficult to predict the future strength of the Euro as it depends on various economic, political and market factors.

Economic growth, monetary policy, inflation rates, political stability, global economic conditions, current account balance, interest rates and market sentiment all play a role in the strength of a currency.

Will the Pound get stronger in 2024?

Again, predicting the strength of the British pound is difficult. GBP strength depends on many key elements including economic growth, inflation rates, monetary policy, political stability, current account balance, market sentiment and comparative performance.

In recent years, Brexit negotiations and volatility related to Brexit also influenced the strength of the Pound. When positive developments in trade agreements and economic adjustments occurred, the Pound strengthened. Meanwhile, any negative impact would weaken the Pound.

GBP to EUR currency information

About the British Pound

The Great British Pound (GBP) is one of the oldest and most traded currencies in the world. Commonly known as the pound sterling, it’s the official currency of the United Kingdom.

About the Euro

The Euro (EUR) is the official currency of the Eurozone, which comprises 20 of the 27 European Union member countries. It’s also the second most traded currency in the world (after the US Dollar).

Your travel money questions answered

Which countries can I use Euros in?

The Euro is used in 20 European Union countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Greece and Portugal. It’s also used in some non-EU territories including Andorra, Monaco and Montenegro.

Which countries can I use Pounds in?

The Pound sterling (GBP) is primarily used in the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also use Pounds in Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

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TransferGo is the easy way to send money around the world in just a few minutes.

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