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Best apps for living in the UK

Moving to a new country is exciting and at the same time a bit unsettling, especially if you are the adventurous type and are striking out on your own in a new country.  Fortunately our smartphones make such tasks as banking, enjoying a night out, and finding transportation a lot easier. Here are 6 apps that any newcomer to the UK should download now.



One of the biggest challenges of being in a new city is learning your way around. The Citymapper app is perfect for learning a new city. Unlike Google and Apple maps, Citymapper shows you the not only the streets but also the bus routes and times, trains and timetables, and bike paths. Once you enable location tracking, the app will guide you to the nearest train or bus stop and even suggest which train car is less crowded. One of the features of the app that is really helpful to newcomers is the alert that shows you have reached your stop.

The trip planning function is incredibly thorough and shows every option for getting from point A to point B.



Dice is the perfect app for planning a night out. The app is a comprehensive guide to clubs, gigs, and festivals, which is hand curated by a staff of music lovers and experts. The app not only keeps you up to date and informed on events and artists, but also allows you to buy tickets directly on the app. The ticket is delivered to your phone. One handy feature is the ability to return tickets for events that you can’t attend as long as there is a waiting list.


ATM Hunter

ATM Hunter is an incredibly handy app. Once you enable location tracking a simple tap on the screen shows you all the ATMs near you. You can set the filter so that you see only ATMs that are associated with your bank or your card to avoid fees or ATMs which allow you to make deposits. The app also provides a map and the exact location of the ATM.

The app also provides some useful money management and budget tips along with ATM safety and security tips.

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign


One of the biggest hassles of living in a new city is getting around. When public transportation or walking is not an option, Uber is the perfect alternative. Uber is at the forefront of the ridesharing movement. The app lets you select an owner-driver nearby. The rates are less than taking a taxi and you can pay directly from your phone.



After settling in a bit in a new country many newcomers start planning a trip back home to visit family and friends. Skyscanner is global travel search site that boasts of having over 50 million monthly users. The site allows you to check travel options for flights, car hires and hotels and shows you the best deals available from an incredibly array of sources.  You can also set up alerts to keep you up-to-date on special deals and offers.




One of the main reasons people give for moving to a new country is to make extra income which allows them to save money for such things as buying a flat or to make extra money to help out their family back home. In the past the only options for sending money back home were banks or via Western Union or MoneyGram. Not only were these options inconvenient they were also expensive. TransferGo is the leader in low-cost money transfers. TransferGo offers low transfer rates at a fixed rate that are substantially lower than you will find elsewhere. The foreign exchange rate is also fixed.  Both the fee and the exchange rate are clearly displayed when you make a transfer, meaning there are no surprises for you or the receiver. Best of all, once you register with TransferGo, you can make transfers from the app at any time and virtually from anywhere.


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