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Where can you send money with TransferGo?

If you’re looking to make a transfer, you’ve come to the right place. And with our receiver destinations constantly growing, you can send money to plenty of places with TransferGo. In fact, at the time of writing, we offer money transfers to 161 countries!

A lot of this expansion has taken place in the last year. Yes, despite an ongoing global pandemic, we’ve added over 100 new destinations in the last 12 months alone. And we’re not done yet. As we expand further, more and more destinations will be added to the list. 

Here’s a quick summary of where you can send money with TransferGo.

Eastern Europe

From Romania to Poland and our birthplace of Lithuania, you can send money to tens of countries in Eastern Europe. In fact, Eastern European countries make up a large portion of our transfers. In February, 27% of all our users’ transfers went to Poland. Recently, we’ve been concentrating on adding more Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, introducing money transfers to seven new countries including Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova.


From Singapore to Indonesia to Cambodia, you can send money to several countries in Asia. In fact, we’re currently working hard to expand our receiver markets in South East Asia to make what we offer even better. Our team is concentrating on a roadmap of countries including the Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand and more. So if you need to send money to these Asian countries, watch this space. 


And the same goes for Africa. We’re working around the clock to enable you to send money to more African nations. At present, you can transfer money to Kenya, South Africa, Morocco and many more. And we recently introduced super-fast money transfers to Ghana at excellent rates. It’s all happening!

Western Europe and beyond

You can send money to most major countries in the West, including Germany, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. You can also send money to various countries in North America including the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. And if you’re looking to send money to the Southern Hemisphere, we cover everywhere from Australia and New Zealand to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Local transfers

Want to send money to someone closer? No problem. With our local transfers, you can pay someone within the same country quickly and easily. Many of our customers prefer this easy payment method over traditional bank transfers. Sign up and download our app to see just how easy and fast it is to pay someone local with TransferGo.

Speaking about our recent growth, our Head of Expansion Mikhail Ovsepyan says, “Our growth over the last 12 months is hard to believe. It’s really impressive and is only possible when different departments collaborate as one. Our main focus now is to make sure the product-market fit is in place. After we’ve added fast payments to main CIS destinations, Ghana and other African countries, we still have many markets where we plan to improve our propositionespecially in Asia, which is on our roadmap.”


So where will you send money? With 161 countries and counting, your options are endless. Sign up today for easy money transfers at high speeds and low fees.


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