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5 Hobbies That Can Earn Extra Income

Most of us have hobbies or activities we enjoy but perhaps don’t consider them as a proper “hobby”, like reading or writing. A lot of people don’t realise that their hobbies may not only provide them with a way to relax, but also have the potential to provide a nice source of extra income.

One of the easiest ways to make money from your hobby is by sharing your expertise with others. You may be surprised by how many people are looking to learn how to do things such as bake, garden, sew and knit, or play a musical instrument.  One of the things you should consider when looking at the items in our list is whether or not you can also teach others how to get started or improve their skills.


Blogging is just a modern way to accomplish the age-old pastime of journaling. Blogs can consist of a wide range of topics, from “how-to” sites, to personal experiences, to news and information. All that’s required is an interesting topic, a computer or tablet, and a bit of creativity, so the start-up costs are fairly minimal.

Simply pick your topic and download a free app like WordPress or Blogger which will help you organise and publish your blog and you’re ready to go.

Before you start, review some of the blogs that are in the same general area of interest as yours to get ideas on layout and content and to come up with your own unique approach.

Bloggers make money from running ads, becoming affiliates of online companies and by selling subscriptions.



If people constantly comment on your baking consider taking your kitchen skills to another level and selling your best creations. A number of world famous brand names actually started out as the result of home cooks and bakers selling their goods to friends and neighbours.

The best road to success is to pick an item to specialise in. You can make money by selling special orders to individuals by advertising in neighbourhood websites, posting adverts on community bulletin boards or by setting up in a local farmer’s market. Consider approaching coffee shops and cafes in your area to find out if they are open to selling your items as well.


Video Gaming

Remember all the times that your parents told you that you were “wasting time” playing video games?  Well it turns out that you can actually make money playing. Game companies pay a decent hourly rate for players to test the games before they are released on the market. There are also a number of professional gamers who make substantial incomes from competing in tournaments and playing exhibition matches.  One of the newer ways for making money by playing video games is to launch your own Twitch or YouTube Lets Play channel.



If you enjoy reading or if you find yourself constantly finding errors, even in things like your friends’ emails, then a part-time proofreading job might be perfect for you. Freelance sites such as UpWork are an excellent source to find proofreading jobs. You’ll also find a number of requests for proofreaders to correct documents written in a language that’s not the writer’s native language. Articles are usually written based on a particular style, which can vary depending on the content, the type of publication, and the country where the article will be published. Style guides are easy to find on the web or in used bookstores. The more styles you know, the better.



If you enjoy drawing, it is possible to find a number of opportunities where you can turn your talent into some additional income.  You will often find writers and small ad agencies that are in need of illustrators.  You can also consider printing your illustrations on items such as t-shirts, mugs, or playing cards. The world of web-comics is also a growing area for illustrators.



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